The Potential of Floodstones

To tackle the issues associated with the brevity of instrumental records for determining coastal flood risk, it is necessary to augment tide gauge data with data on floods which pre-date the instrumental record.

Given the often catastrophic nature of large floods for coastal communities it is not surprising that the height of coastal floods may be locally recorded. Often​ the elevation of floods may be recorded on a floodstone; a horizontal mark of the water level, usually carved into the stones of buildings, during a significant water level. These floodstones may represent an additional means of determining the heights of historic floods if each is manually surveyed and assessed critically.

However, the location of floodstones and other historic flood markers has not been recorded en masse to date and are therefore difficult to find. The role of this website is to help find and catalogue such floodstones so that their elevations may be surveyed and used to enhance instrumental records of coastal floods.

It is here that the role of people such as yourself becomes critical. With no formal record of the location of floodstones yet in place it necessary for members of the public to help contribute to putting this a database together. Do you know of a floodstone local to you? Please consider visiting the “Submit Floodstone Location” page and let us know about it.

Any contributions will be very gratefully received 

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