This website’s goal with the help of yourself and members of the public, is to compile a database of so called “coastal floodstones”. This is done with the intention of improving understanding of coastal flood risk by supplementing tide gauge records of extreme high waters with data recorded on floodstones.

Floodstones are horizontal marks often found on the side of buildings or other long lasting structures. They usually record both the elevation and date of extreme high waters. This information can be of great value to improving understanding of coastal flood risk by supplementing scientists’ and coastal managers’ understanding of the magnitude and frequency of coastal floods. An example of a floodstone from a recent submissions can be seen below as a featured photo.

Further information on how floodstones may contribute to improving coastal flood risk assessment can be found on the “About” pages.

To contribute to this project please visit the “Submit Floodstone Locations” page. If you wish to see either a Map of floodstones which have so far been submitted or a Gallery of photographs of submitted floodstones please visit their respective pages.

Thank you for your support.

Featured Photo:

Worcester Floodstones: Anonymous